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Service Upgrades

Since 1981, Richard Hanss Electrical Contractors, Inc. has been serving Monroe County and Rochester, NY with quality electric service upgrades at reasonable prices. Upgrading your electrical system components is not only desirable, but a safety requirement. If you notice your lights flicker or your fuses blow, you may need to increase the power coming into your building. Whether you need upgrades or replacements, we aim to find you the most cost effective solution.

Panel Changes

The highly qualified electricians at Richard Hanss Electrical Contractors, Inc. in Fairport, NY specialize in electrical panel change-outs. Your panel may be overheating if it is outdated or over-powered. We can change your fuse panel to a breaker panel. Call us today for immediate service!

Security Lighting

As a third generation family owned and operated electric company, Richard Hanss Electrical Contractors, Inc. offers security lighting installations. We will work with you to develop a lighting plan tailored to your specific needs. Make sure your property is protected with security lighting, whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial client.


At Richard Hanss Electrical Contractors, Inc., we are ready to solve and repair all of your electrical problems. Have your lights been dimming? Trying to figure out what is wrong with your electrical outlet? Call our friendly experts today for a quick diagnosis. Our Master Electricians are dedicated to excellent customer service, so call us today to learn more!


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